Ready to see the profit sharing you could have earned in 2019?

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STEP 1: How much premium volume did you write?

Potential Profit Sharing

Enter your most recent Annual Premium Volume from specific carriers listed below

Carrier Your Agency Premium Volume Your Potential Profit Sharing Share
State Compensation
Travelers - Commercial
Travelers - Personal
Capital Insurance Group
Here is your potential profit sharing if you where a member of the Arroyo Group*

* This is an estimate based on our most recent contingency data. Please note that the data entered by you is NOT stored by Arroyo. This information is meant to illustrate potential profit sharing as a member of our group.

STEP 2: More profit sharing is great! But how much is this going to cost me?

Please enter your annual total agency income
(not premium volume)
Your Estmate Member Dues for Arroyo
20% Contingency Fee Retained by Arroyo
(Profit Sharing share X 20%)
Final Retained Profit Sharing for Your Agency

STEP 3: What else do I get for being a member?

In addition to increased profit sharing, as a member of Arroyo, you receive a variety of value-added services at NO additional cost to you.

Check out all the great benefits of membership below.

List of Annual No Cost Value Added Services
Service Annual Value
Email System
Please enter your total employee count
Annual Email Costs Covered by Dues
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers (IIAB) Member Dues (enter your current dues here - Once you are a member these are covered)
Western Insurance Agenct Association (enter your current dues here - Once you are a member these are covered)
Sales Genie Annual Membership $900
Compline Workers Comp Rating $800
Annual Webinars for Continuing Education $500
Insurance Licensing in all 50 States $12,000
Monthly Sales and Marketing Lunch Meetings $500
Vertafore Annual Benefits
Reference Connect Suite $9,804
Annual Marketing Consulting Services $6,000
Professional Website $4,200
Intranet for Resources and Carrier Guidance $1,800
Total Annual Value Added Benefits**
** This is an estimate based on our most recent menu of services. These are value added benefits for all members of the Arroyo Group. The data you enter here is not stored by Arroyo. This tool is designed to show you all the benefits of membership.

As an Independent Agent, we know you have different needs to grow
your business. Contact us today to learn more about how Arroyo can
help your agency grow and plan for the future.


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